Virginia Kozak Photography: Blog en-us All content Copyright (C) 2022 Virginia Kozak Photography (Virginia Kozak Photography) Sun, 26 Dec 2021 18:59:00 GMT Sun, 26 Dec 2021 18:59:00 GMT Virginia Kozak Photography: Blog 75 120 Get Low This week the topic to photograph was "Get Low".  So, as one sits and thinks of what they can take a picture of from the ground, Ms. Lilly made it easy on me.  She decided to lie down for her many naps in a single day, watching her was so peaceful and quiet. Not to mention I thought of telling her to move over and share her bed that I as well could use a  Nevertheless, she opened her eyes up a few times when the click sound of the camera went off.  However, she is so peaceful and warm.


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Leading Lines / Looking Between the lines Have you ever woken up and turned around to see your baby, in this case, my puppy Ms. Lilly stare out the window and wonder what she is thinking and or looking at? I remember my kids up and looking at me or outside the window.  So this sight was something dear to me and made me feel loved.  Nonetheless, as I saw her from my waking eye looking through the blinds, I knew this is the shot I had to get of her and I am so grateful I did.  She was patient with me and I sat quietly next to her for a bit before It was time for my old bones to get up and start my day, with a wonderful cup of coffee.
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Self- Portrait With 2020 behind us.  I decided to do something a bit different that I have been in a funk for a bit.  So, I decided to do a once a week project to keep my mind sharp and creative. 

So for the first week of 2021, I did a self-portrait of myself. How often can one say they get to get all fancy, just to stay at home..., but something pretty on and not once leaves the house?  My inspiration was this white crisp jumper I bought and never really got a chance to wear it that COVID moved in. So, with all the sitting in the house, I fixed myself up, not just to look pretty, but to feel beautiful.  I forgot how hard it was to take a picture, set up the light, and try to take the shot, all while running back and forth, with the 10second timer set.  Yep, time to invest in a new set of controllers.   Nonetheless, I was impressed with how well they turned out. 


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The prize is never to far.... How can we not call this wonderful mother of 5, with a full-time job, husband, and dog, a SUPERMOM?  She is a wonderful person in and out!  And I am glad I got to meet her. 


By studying, writing papers, doing research, whenever she could find the time. And COVID-19 didn't make it any easier on her.  She made a lifetime dream come to life!


No matter where you are, your age, or what your daily schedule might throw at you.  Take time for YOU and YOURSELF!   No matter the time of day, there is always room for YOU. 


I would like to congratulate this Navy Veteran, mother of 5, and a fur pup, AND a wonderful wife for completing something so amazing! 

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"I Did It My Way" I had the honor and privilege to be apart of something special and memorable.  Documenting a retirement ceremony never gets old and it is always a new beginning to something greater.  It does not matter how many of these I have viewed from behind my lens.  I have shed a tear or two, or even more.  Each one has been special in its very own unique way. 

I would like to congratulate TSgt Dunnings, his wife, children, and of course his entire family on his retirement of 20 years and 9 days.  Joining the military is not for everyone. However, those that strive for greatness, lessons to learn, mentor, and blessings have chosen the BIGGEST ride of life.

  D72A9564"I Did It My Way"

To be apart of something BIGGER than oneself, you need a TEAM! 

The one that stays up with you to study for your next board, ensures your uniform looks fly. Not to mention that look up to you in what you do and say.  For one to do this, you know you have the most amazing support TEAM and blessing in the WOLRD! 

D72A9585D72A9585 D72A9615D72A9615
What many do not know is that you are their very own personal HERO!!! 


This is when you know at the end of the day that it was worth it. 

D72A9962D72A9962 D72A9960D72A9960

Congratulations TSgt L. Dunnings we are very PROUD of you.  THANK YOU for your SERVES


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Becoming a Senior.... Step 1 - Senior Photos As I was sitting there watching the make-up artist from the studio, do miss Destiny’s make-up, it felt like her childhood flashed in front of me.  My heartfelt heavy and cried.  She will always be my little girl, but my little girl is now growing up to become someone special and do amazing things. 


She no longer asks me to blow on her hot food that it is too hot, for me to tie her shoes or read her bedtime stories.  I remembered the days, she wanted to be held and fell asleep on my lap or even the days she threw a tantrum in the story to get what she wanted.  And no, I left her there to cry and told her when she was done, that, I would be in the next aisle…lol.

Yeah, I was a though loving mom to my kids.  No worries, I still have a heart that beats for them. 

However, today just hit me hard.  She is now a senior and the last one to graduate from high school in our household.  Maybe, it hit me that I am getting older as well…lol. Who knows!?!?! 


This will be a year to wrecking with that one cannot see what lies ahead.  Not to mention, this darn COVID hot mess that it is unpredictable. 

As we prepare our kids for this crazy world, who prepares us?  We always knew that we had to prepare them for this world and to be on their own.  But who thought that we also needed to be handheld and guided through all this?  This world we now live in is pretty scary, but we hope that we gave our children the right tools to navigate through this HOT MESS of a world. 


Senior pictures were done by Cady Studios that she got the experience of someone else and not just her mom.  No worries, I will still be taken her pictures that we both have some crazy ideas!   I did get a few behind the scenes.  Oh, you knew I would…lol.  She was treated like a film star, from getting her make-up done to her hair.

D72A1329D72A1329 D72A1333D72A1333

D72A1341D72A1341 D72A1345D72A1345

Nonetheless, I am so proud of her and grateful and blessed, for being able to be her mother and giving the opportunity to watch her grow into something amazing and can’t wait for her to write her own pages and share them with me.

Let this crazy senior year begin…. 


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Ones love for our fur babies Who would have thought that your fur babies hold as much of our hearts as our own children do? Gizmo was so ill and kept collapsing that he was not able to stand on his own two hind legs. Not to mention, he was crying that he was in pain. We took him to the vet that decided that they needed to keep him for two days and an overnight stay. He received an IV that they could administer pain killers and saline that he was dehydrated.


That the vet closes at 7 pm, we had to take him to an animal clinic, which hours are 6 pm - 8 am, for the night. They ensured us to keep him safe and that they would slowly try to hand feed him. We had to pick him up before 8 am and bring him back to his regular vet, which put him back on his IV, meds, and did a sonogram.

D72A0449D72A0449 D72A0473D72A0473

We were called in, at about 6 pm that evening in regard to his exam and findings. Gizmo looked much better. Gizmo had severe pancreatitis, half-blind and they found a mass on his liver and the surrounding area. We were advised to keep him as comfortable as we could and just let him live, unless of course, it gets worse, etc. However, he has been home now for almost 3 weeks and he is slowly doing better. He does run in circles all day long and I might have to put my watch on him to get all those steps in. He can hear pretty well that he follows our voices or even a treat bag being opened. 

D72A0476D72A0476 D72A0477D72A0477

Even Gizmo's sista Ms. Lilly is happy to have him back home.  She has been loving on him and even trying to lay as close as she can.  I do love the bond that they two have. 

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Magnolias D72A9594-2D72A9594-2

I enjoy walking along the neighborhoods that each of them. I have something different blooming. Not to mention, I have a magnolia tree in the front yard.   I fancy seeing different flowers bloom around the year.  Who would have thought to have magnolias all around us and I was able to see them open from start to finish.  Now to get a few of them for the house, well the unreal ones that I really do not have the best green thumbs when it comes to 


Can you see how breathtaking the magnolia is when it opens?  It almost looks like a magnificent tulip or the shape of a starflower.  It has a light sweet heady



Magnolias come in different colors, white, pink, purple, and as one can see yellow in my yard.  Now I need a few more with all the other colors in the yard that it is just green.  So who knows what will come next. 

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Mission SpaceX Who would had ever thought that we would not just be alive to witness a pandemic, but also watch the "Dragen" SpaceX leave US soil up to the skies?  It would have been even more special if I had driven up to Cap Canaveral.  However, I did not think that far ahead, then again what if it got canceled?  So, that is why I watched it on the lanai on my laptop.  No worries the weather was not too hot, nor too humid to sit outside.  

Nonetheless, 31 May 2020 was a special day just to watch something you see in movies come to life and you are still blessed to have seen it.  My emotions where all over the place that I was happy they made it up and that they were also blessed and watched and guided.  Now to see in the morning after a 19-hour flight if they make it to their destination without a hick-up. 



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Catching Fresh air and no one in site...... With things changing so drastic, unforeseen, and just plain and simply crazy.  When I bought my 2020 calendar, I did not think I would not really use it as much to note my appointments, special occasions or any random  However, this downtime gives us all insight te of how we live, who we are and what is or is not important to us.

D72A9749D72A9749 This is Park Square where one could meet up for lunch, dinner, and even a drink.  This morning or more to say this afternoon run, it was empty.  We enjoy coming here that it is walking distance 2 miles or so or one can ride there bike.  From Cherry's to Art Monkey, to Park Quare Social this is where everyone in the neighborhood comes together.


However, during this pandemic - Corona Virus aka COVID 19 many things have changed.  Such as seating in public being marked off by yellow tape. 

D72A9750D72A9750 Even where you would see a ton of kids playing in the splash park, it is quiet no sound of the little ones.  It is rear to see everything so deserted and empty.  Life, as we all knew, has changed and do not know what the next step maybe. 


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Teleworking..... COVID-19 I have always had jobs that I had to leave the house.  You know, get showered, brush your teeth, comb your hair, stand in front of your clothes for 10 mins trying to decided what to wear and 4 outfits later, you finally found something.  

D72A9372D72A9372 Then you finally make your way to the kitchen to make your lunch and grab yourself some breakfast before you walk out of the door.  So, in this case, I baked a Challah the night before, cut a few slices and tossed them into the toaster.  When you hear that wonderful sound "POP" or whatever, you know you need to hurry up and get that butter on those slices to melt nicely on them.  And you know it. 

D72A9383D72A9383 Thank you to friends, in ensuring that my Germany jam is stocked in the house.  You might be thinking why not the jam here in the US.  Well, Germany uses waaaaayyyyy fewer sugars and chemicals in their products.  Not to mention, this is what I grew up with and learned to love.  Oh and to top it off, it makes me feel like I am in "meine Heimat", Germany where I am from. Even I get homesick a bit and it is always nice when a surprise package arrives at the door.  Shes me someone out there must really like or just plain and simple loves me. 


Who would have thought with this dang coronavirus aka COVID-19 that I would have to be 6-feet apart and wearing a mask?  So, to assist with keeping us all safe we were authorized to telework certain days.  Yep, telework a few days and the other days I go to the office.  The days I am in the office, we have to answer a few questions and cannot enter the clinic unless our temperature is normal.  SAY WHAT???  Yep, we get our temperature taken.  Not just to keep ourselves safe, but to ensure we are not helping spread this deadly virus.  Where was I now?  Oh, as you can see when I telework, my little makeshift office is set up in my kitchen.  It is bright and airy and one cannot beat the view.  I am able to do the same things I do at work here at the house.  However, I do miss being around people.

D72A9379D72A9379 Who knows where we go from here that we are all on "Stay At home Safe", 6-feet apart, no more than 10 people in a room, but still 6-feet apart.  However, we stay to ourselves that we do not know who has it and we do not need COVID-19 standing at our door.  So no one knows when life will go back to normal, even though this has shown me that normal might not be suitable for us in the first place. 

Please, be safe out there, stay at home and only go out if necessary.  Too many have lost their lives for us to be ignorant and not follow the simple rules.

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Masks.... Life isn't something we all should take for granted.  Life is precious, but fragile all at the same time. It did not knock on our doors, give us a heads up or even asked us to be invited.  The Corona Virus aka COVID 19 something we can not see, feel, smell or even touch.  Our lives as we knew it turned around for some of us in just a plain simple nightmare.  No one knows how to fight.  Nonetheless, social distancing was put in motion.  6-feet apart they said we should stay.  Stores started to close to help slow down the virus, but some countries and States it hit harder than anyone could have ever imagined.  


Overnight we had to find masks for work, which I found a few.  I finally found a friend that was able to help me out and get a few with color and over the head elastic.  Yep, I might need to save up for a sewing machine that I never knew how much I would miss it and could help out. 


Currently, it feels like we are all apart or an extra in a movie called "COVID 19".  This is crazy that we are isolating ourselves, social distancing, wearing cloth face masks and now they added a curfew.  Yep, a curfew from 9 pm - 5 am.  I am okay with it if we can show this virus to the front door.  However, many individuals are being defiant and believe their Constitutional Rights are being violated.  I am sorry to say this, but the virus did not ask about our rights when they came to the front door.  What makes you any better than me or anyone that is following the rules that are in place?  What gives you the right to violate someone else Rights, by you believing that you are better than us?  We all should be in this together to show COVID 19 the back door and not fight and argue that there is a curfew in place.  We all want to go back out and see our friends and family.  We all want to ensure that those that have lost their lives to COVID 19 can be buried with grace.  I wish that we all can just STOP arguing and just push through this.  However, this is solely my opinion and how I feel.  

D72A9428D72A9428 Nonetheless, I know we will get through this together regardless.  And until then, I am going to enjoy the masks that were made for me.  Yep, I so love color!

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I Spy an alligator One would believe that living in Florida, one would enjoy the beaches, the warm sand between one's toes, palm trees all year round and this awful humidity.  Oh no, one forgot the dang alligators[ that are in the pond of one's back yard.  Yep, spotted this beauty on Friday and she was picked-up by Monday that she was very aggressive.  We were told that she should not come that close to humans, but in this case, someone was feeding her. D72A9349D72A9349 And so the roping and catching start...

D72A9322D72A9322 D72A9334D72A9334 She was lured out of the pond by some sort of sound.  And man did she come out quick that they wildlife individual yelled at the female to get behind their truck.  Who would have thought to ever see something like this in real life and in-person, versus on the television?  Heck, not I for sure. 

D72A9343D72A9343 Can you tell how big she is?  She is about 5 1/2 feet long and yep I guessed it right.  She is a female.  As my neighbor put it nicely "She was bitchy", meaning the alligator.  So all in all, she was caught and is now somewhere else where she can't try to run after a human or hurt the children and dog that walk around the pond daily. 


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Change...... "Finding me" or you finding you is something that we all do on a daily basis and sometimes without really noticing.  What we wanted 20 years ago isn't the same thing we want now.  Change is something some of us fear and some of us embrace.  I know that I am able to embrace change, but I also fear it.  My anxiety goes up, but once I see the change, it is something beautiful and I except it with grace. 

D72A9231D72A9231 My kids always asked me if I wanted to get a tattoo?  Well, I tell them that I already have   Oh and you know they ask if they can we see it?!?!  So I show them the stretch marks that I had come to terms with many years ago.  The stretch marks, the extra skin is something more than just beautiful.  It is a piece of me and my children.  Heck, one can call it a keepsake.  

D72A9239D72A9239 No worries, clothing is something I wear to include in this photoshoot that my wonderful daughter Destiny assisted me with.  I had been thinking for years to take the shots, but never dared myself.  I thought I was to fat, my skin was to lose, my legs are too short, my arms flap too much like a chicken or that I was just plain and simple just NOT pretty. So trust me to take pictures of me like this took a lot of encouragement and the assistance of my daughter.  We all need to remember that life isn't as bad as we make it seem.   It is the next step we take that makes it something magical and amazing. 


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Give away or keep?!? Not just moving, but the younger I get the different I feel when wearing and buying clothes. So the best thing to do is empty out almost one's entire closet and lay it out on the bed. 

And no, the portable crib is for my baby Gizmo that he has seizures. He needs something softer to sleep in, and not able to fall on the floor during one of his episodes. 


Cleaning out one's closet normally turns in to a dang selfie fashion show.  Yep, had to try on 95% of my closet to ensure I am still able to get in my jeans and zip up my dresses...   However, I do not really believe I have enough clothes.

D72A9006D72A9006 D72A9009D72A9009 Heck one can never have enough handbags of all shapes, sizes, and colors.  


However, my little Ms. Lilly rather sat on my winter clothes then help me get the closet is done and ready.  However, she is so cute one cant get mad at her.  

D72A9004D72A9004   But all, in the end, my closet is all tidied up and clean.  No worries I will add more to my wonderful collection that one cannot have enough summer clothes.






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Caught in the Act When you do not hear a sound and have a puppy in the house.  You already know something is up, so you follow the trace...

D72A8942D72A8942 Would one have thought that 19-week old puppy teeth are better than Chef's knives? D72A8944D72A8944 Guilty as she looks, she still is a sweetheart and I can't be too mad at her.  D72A8945D72A8945 LOL.... who knows what she was thinking, but as soon as I got the camera, she posed for   Ms. Lilly's first mug shot!!!  D72A8949D72A8949   Even though I took it away and cleaned up the mess.  Ms. Lilly decided it was better to go back and finish the decor' job she had started.  D72A8952D72A8952

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Powder Sugar mishap What does one do with fresh, sweet juicy strawberries?  Well, you just plain eat them.  But there are so many other wonderful things you can do with them and in this case, French toast with maple syrup. D72A8864D72A8864

Always check the lid of your powder sugar canister... Oppppssssss


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Scary Beauty Collection "Scary Beauty"

We are beautiful in and out, but we are scared of what lies ahead, all at the same time.  However, my daughter Destiny took this photoshoot to the next level and made me proud.


Model: Destiny

Make-up: VK Impressions

Phtographer: VK Impressions

D72A2661D72A2661 D72A2666D72A2666 D72A2681D72A2681 D72A2715D72A2715

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I Smell Cinnamon....yummy With the new suggested rule to do your part and stay at home.  Oh, you know that rule isn't too hard for me.  It has made it easier for me to do what I love doing, which is cooking and baking.  The family woke up to the entire house smelling delicious and all cinnamony....   

Who can resist fresh homemade cinnamon rolls?  Not me, even though I am trying to shed a few pounds.  None the less, they came out so scrumptious, finger-licking goodness.  Soft, butter and moist.  Not to mention the homemade cream cheese topping was the right amount of sweetness.  D72A8879D72A8879 D72A8886D72A8886 D72A8897D72A8897 D72A8898D72A8898 D72A8902D72A8902 D72A8905D72A8905  

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Meet Lilly D72A3137D72A3137 D72A3164D72A3164 D72A3166D72A3166 D72A3169D72A3169 All I can say is "What were we thinking?".  Gizmo our fur baby is almost 11 years old and so sweet, calm, relaxed and has his routine.  No idea what we were thinking when we walked into Pet Smart for their Adoption Weekend on 28 February 2020.  She was all by herself and everyone was passing her.  She was just laying there and watching everyone pass her.  No worries, we didn't pass her, we gave her attention that she finally thought she could trust us and come to us. 

Meet Ms. Lilly!  Destiny wanted to name her Tiger Lilly the beautiful flower.  However, that name would be way too long and that is why we call her just Lilly.  It is almost a month that she has been with us and I am     She is like a toddler that you have to watch 24/7.  Otherwise, she is getting into all kinds of shenanigans.   We have a trainer to assist us with getting her the proper commands that she needs.  However, we are struggling for her not to be jealous of Gizmo.  I know they will love eachother at some point. 

I have so much love to give and I am grateful that she now well get all the loving she needs and wants.

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Honor meeting "The T.R.U.T.H Jones" CC

Have you ever listened to someone that can spark something in you that you never thought you had? Someone that made you think that only YOU can make a change in your life and strive for greater? Well, I had not just the opportunity, but also a blessing to meet the one who had me reevaluate how I thought of life and what I wanted. Not to mention, to reach for the stars no matter how hard it might be.

If you never heard of "The T.R.U.T.H Jones", I believe it is time you have. I had the honor, not just getting to hear him speak, but also by spending some time with him and his family during a photo shoot.

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful, talented, and bright young man? Yep, you heard me correctly. He is 11 years old and has accomplished more then I or anyone I know.

If this wonderful, mind blowing talent is ever near you. Take time out of your day and go listen to him. I promise it will blow your mind!!!

Here is an article published about him on BlackBusiness.Org . The African American Business Guide, showcasing a few of the photos I took.…/christon-the-truth-jones-11…

Please, also visit his website

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